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Loading (PHP) API/SDK with correct search paths

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I have installed the API and SDk on a PHP/MySQL site and have been using a limited number of functions to process credit card payments.  Now I want to do more such as authorize only, storing customer information, etc but I am getting a lot of errors.


I think when I originally loaded the API, I took some shorcuts, only loaded some scripts and hard coded directory paths.  Now, when I run sample code such as:

I am getting a lot of errors like:


"Warning: include(/Applications/... contract/v1/MerchantAuthenticationType.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory i"


Is there a good "step-by-step" manual for loading the API/SDK including how to set the directory search paths correctly?  I can't seem to find one.



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Re: Loading (PHP) API/SDK with correct search paths


Hi SeanF,


Our SDK is designed to be loaded using composer which automatically also downloads other dependencies such as the serializer. The error you are getting indicates that you are using the older version of the SDK, I suggest using the composer to install the latest version.