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MYSQL View situation & Best Practice?

I'm a database newbie. I wanted to connect Zapier to pull data from my db to create a task in our CRM program.

The problem is that the data I want is in 4 different tables

So, what I did was created a view with all the criteria for the specific data. Has all the columns I want etc.

My database is approx. 170mb

The view takes about: 0.1729 seconds

My server is:

  • 5 CPUs, 9 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD at Siteground

I keep reading that Views are a bad idea. resource hungry.


Zapier would be accessing this view every time there is a new line which could be about 10 times a day.


Is this an ok practice or should I be doing this another way.

What I like is the view has all the data I need pulled from the various tables.