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[Magent] - Which API/settings to use?

Sorry for making such a simple post but I'm curious what options should be checked/enabled in Magent?


Obviously I need to put the API Login ID and the Transaction Key (which I get from my merchant account, correct?) but things like Payment Action (authorize/authorize & capture), New Order Status (only have Processing as an available choice?), Credit Card Verification (Is this AVS?), Allow Partial Authorization, 3D Secure Card Validation (which requires Centinel API URL)?


I have a B&M store with a terminal and don't remember any crazy "settings" like this. :-/


It's a business where I'm going to be selling items ranging from $20 to potentially $1500 on.


As you can tell I'm extremely new to having to setup the intricacies on a piece of software.

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Re: [Magent] - Which API/settings to use?

Hello rpoyser,


A good place to start would be the Configuration: Payment Gateways - Authorize.Net page in the Magento Knowledgebase.