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Magento not posting description to

I have two websites posting to one account.  When running reports for one site under "Order Information" it shows the invoice number and description of the item sold.  For the second site it only shows an Invoice number but no item description.


Site1 -> Wordpress site using Marketpress

Site 2 -> Magento 1.7



Under Reports -> Transaction Details -> Run Report  -> Order Information

Site 1

Invoice #: ItemName06113

Description: 2 cases ----- = $XX.XX + 1 case of ---- $XX.XX = $xxx.xx


Site 2

Invoice #: 1000000xx



When I go to Account -> Settings -> Payment Form -> Form Fields the Invoice and Description are both checked "View" and "Edit".  


Since the description is not posting from Magento I'm looking for some help.  Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.



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Re: Magento not posting description to




The payment form settings within Authorize.Net cannot affect what data is passed to us by your chosen software. If Magento is not including a product description, I can only recommend checking with their documentation or support channels for assistance.