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Members Area | PHP

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I'm just getting started here.

I'm trying to set up a protected members area.

I'm on Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL, and I have SSL.

Looks like I'd probably want to use the AIM API??


I guess I'm ideally looking for a script that is already created, either free or something that I can buy.

The user can make the purchase on the site, then perhaps they are sent an email with their username and password.

I guess another thing that I'm not too sure about is how these user accounts would be databased... Are the logged into the Authorize Merchant account somehow, or could they be logged into a databse in the site's server?

Seems like, in theory, I should be able to do this in less than an hour??


Any thoughts would be appreciated. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Members Area | PHP

Depends. If your members area is a one-time payment, or you don't mind having them re-enter their credit card info every time they pay, then you'd probably use AIM or DPM, depending on how simple you want the integration to be vs how much PCI exposure you want to avoid. If choosing AIM, look in the PHP SDK in the doc folder for a file called AIM.markdown, it has lots of simple sample code. There's good DPM code in the DPM documentation:


If on the other hand you want recurring payment, then things get somewhat more complicated. You'll need to implement AIM + ARB (AIM for the first payment and ARB for everything after that), or CIM with an automated script for generating charges against profiles as the profiles become due. Again, there's good sample code for both in the ARB.markdown and CIM.markdown files in the SDK.