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Merchant-Defined Fields & SIM integration = not working

Hello everyone!

I have been scratching my head for 2 days and asking the Live Help to help me out on that one: No success.

We are using X-cart and are having a SIM integration (as far as I understand, I didn't do the installation myself)
We are using's hosted order page.


Now in our X-cart checkout page, I have this line:

<input  type="hidden" name="sliiing_data" value="MHwwfDB8NzMuMjMuMTExLjk0fA==" />


I need to pass the "sliiing_data" variable to authorize.NEt as hidden data and I need them to pass it back to me through "Relays response".

The problem is that the "sliiing_data" is not being passed to the authorize.NEt order page. I see it nowhere in the their source code + It is not in the datas that Relay Response is sending me ater a successfull transaction.

I have absolutely no idea why. Anyone can help?

Thank you



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Re: Merchant-Defined Fields & SIM integration = not working

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It is not passing on the form post to or not in the relay response?

It is in the credit card input screen(look at the page source)?


Did you try adding id="sliiing_data"


Have you try changing the relay response url to

so you can see what getting post back?


work for me when I try it with my sandbox account.