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Merchant Name inside Customer Receipt

While testing transactions using my sandbox account, I receive a sample email receipt sent to the customer (me).  However, the top of the email message says "Merchant:" followed by my personal first and last name rather than a company name.  

I logged into the sandbox merchant admin panel and edited my profile (it's the only profile on there) and changed my first name and last name to parts of my company name.  This allows the "Sender" name in the email header to show correctly as my company name, but inside the email body it still says "Merchant:" with my personal name.


I can't seem to find the field(s) in the admin panel that control this.  Where can I change this?



Vinnie Murdico

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Re: Merchant Name inside Customer Receipt

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Hi Vinnie,


For Authorize.Net Account Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation, your business name will show under Order Information as ‘Merchant: business name.’ To change the business name we actually need to do it for you. Please note that all test accounts have the applicant name as the business name, you use the form at with your gateway ID to change your business name. When you login to your sandbox account and go to Account-User Profile- Edit Profile Information, that only changes your information as the user. If you wish to update your business information like address, phone number and email address on live accounts it will be under Account-Merchant Profile, but the company name will still need to be updated on our end by contacting Customer Support.