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Migrating ARB to CIM

I have a client that we want to migrate from the ARB  to CIM.  Is it possible to migrate the user information from the ARB into the CIM? 

They currently use the ARB for recuring transactions.  With the new website we need more flexibility than the ARB provides.  I would like migrate the user data in the ARB over to the CIM.. Is this possible.



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Re: Migrating ARB to CIM

This isn't possible. ARB information is essentially one way and cannot be retrieved after the subscription is set up. So if you wish to migrate your users over to the new system you will need them to provide their credit card information again so you can put it into the CIM system.

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Re: Migrating ARB to CIM

That is what I suspected.  Thanks for the reply.

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Re: Migrating ARB to CIM

Sounds illogical as you need to have that data on file to do ARB I guess. We'd like to do the same at my company, and if ther is no way to migrate our quite large user base from ARB to CIS the management will be much more open to switching to something entirely different.