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Migrating to CIM - A couple general questions

Migrating from the old XML method to the CIM API, before I get started, just want to make sure I'm headed in the right direction.


  1. Our current system uses the following methods when billing. I'm just a little unclear on what function(s) I'll need to call in the CIM when creating a new transaction as well as for capturiing a prior auth transaction - would it be createCustomerProfileFromTransactionRequest?
    1. Authorize
    2. Authorize & Capture
    3. Prior Auth Capture
  2. Or rather than above, is it better to first create a customer in the system, and then subsequently create shipping address and payment transactoin request?


Sorry for the vague questions - just trying to wrap my head around these new functions prior to diving in.

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Re: Migrating to CIM - A couple general questions

Hello @brendo234


An authorization is followed by a prior auth capture.  Capture only would be used to capture an authorization not performed through the gateway, a voice authorization for example.


I would also recommend looking at our upgrade guide to learn more about how we've combined our separately branded APIs into a single, Authorize.Net API.