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Mirgate from AIM to API .Net core. How to map V1 and APICore classes?



I am moving my current application using AIM to API (with .Net Core).


the problem i am having is the class definitions are not the same


Example for Customer class (Authorize.Customer) contains the PaymentProfile class

which accept customerPaymentProfileMaskedType in its constructor


public PaymentProfile(customerPaymentProfileMaskedType apiType);


the apiType is AuthorizeNet.APICore.customerPaymentProfileMaskedType  class.


while in from the API i got the AuthorizeNet.Api.Contracts.V1.customerPaymentProfileMaskedType back?


Is there an simple way to mapped these classes?  i tried to look through our forum and could not find one.

(i am using Authorize.Net.AspCore2 version 1.9.3 package)