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Missing Customer info from fresh api submitted data ARB ?

hello All,


i have a encountered a weird issue yesterday, we are using a live authorize portal to do ARB recurring submission using our agents. we use both authorize portal and our api enabled portal to do this, so my agent submitted the info on 4.51 cst and checked the info on auth portal on around 5.10 cst but what we saw was the customer info was missing email id authorize issue


but when i checked it today [not including screenshot due to privacy], the info magically appread on settled transaction which was not there in unsettled transaction. is there any cool down period between authorize transfers and api transfers. if yes what should be the cooldown time should be when we can check portal for api submitted record, also if this is way to long then api will become useless for us as its not realtime.

waiting for your suggestions. 

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Re: Missing Customer info from fresh api submitted data ARB ?

Hello @alok149


Are you still experiencing this issue?