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Missing property in PHP API

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I am implementing a periodic check on the subscription statuses for our recurring billing customers.


In the API documentation for GetSubscription there is an "includeTransactions" property that is defined as a Boolean.  If set to true it should return information for the 20 most recent transactions with the data.


This is not defined in the code for the PHP API for the current release (v 1.9.4)  I can update the class with the property and accessor methods, and alter the YML files to ensure that the XML element is properly created, but still the transactions are not being returned with the subscription data.


Am I missing something, or is there a better API that I should be using to pull the subscriptions and their most recent associated Transactions?



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Re: Missing property in PHP API



Firstly, thank you for letting us know. The corresponding team has been informed to push out the new changes.


Secondly, I would like to know more about your scenario. Did you send the <includeTransasctions> flag as true in the request and not seeing the transactions ?

Please share your request/response for this API call.


Thank you,

~ Rajvi