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Re: Missing serializer builder

Yes Exploitation introduced in version sdk-php-1.9.2 and the problem is still the same! What can we say a developer?
I use this (nobody wanted "COMPOSER") with your same sdk-php-1.9.2 \ composer.json nemyslemo received a number of files simply great !!! To understand why they are needed, it's impossible! OK - let's say the files are needed. Then what prolema why all the same error: "Failed opening '/hermes/bosnaweb04b/b2843/ipg.valkeronline/ Type.php 'for inclusion (include_path =':. / usr / local / lib / php-5.5.22-amd64 / lib / php ') in /hermes/bosnaweb04b/b2843/ipg.valkeronline/ authorize / vendor / autoload.php on line 16 Fatal error: Class 'JMS \ Serializer \ Annotation \ Type' not found in /hermes/bosnaweb04b/b2843/ipg.valkeronline/ /authorize/util/SensitiveDataConfigType.php on line 6 "
Even I can not understand what's the problem?
I downloaded the files using the "COMPOSER" Composer version 1.3.2 under XAMPP Version 5.6.15. After that, all that we are then transferred to our host server provider, say ipage it works under PHP 5.5. ERROR ALL THE SAME !!!
Dear developers or those who have already decided this issue, please share the procedure, how to solve this problem?! I beg you to answer.