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Mobile Web App with Card Present Card Reader

I do not see any messages related directly to this. Square has the ability to integrate directly with a mobile web app. Looking for same feature from Auth.Net. I have a web app designed to work responsively on mobile. I handle all customer checkout up to point of charging card at which point a link opens the Square reader app passing in desired params. CC transaction is processed via card reader. Square sends response back that I then store in our DB to help with reconciliation. It could be improved but it is the best I have found. 


Does Auth.Net have a similar feature/function? I don't want to build a native Android app and then a native iOS app. Cost, hassle, maintenance is much higher than a responsive web app. 


Key points; accept card with mobile reader; open from web app not native app; pass params from web app to help with reconciliation.


Not native app; not desktop; not web form to enter card details.