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MySQL Community Server

Hi Everyone, I have just installed MySQL Community Server on a windows machine, I’ve created a table and I am inserting a row every second. At this stage I have not gone live so I can still change pretty much anything I need to. One of the requirements is that I retain the last 14 days of data so I believe I want to implement a ring buffer, ideally the database would look after the ring buffer itself(i.e the removal of ‘old’ rows). After the ring buffer it’s implemented I intend to replicate my database in azure so that I have both local and cloud versions

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Re: MySQL Community Server

I’ve tried calling and emailing MySQL for a week now with no response, so I thought I’d come here for help. I’m trying to download the MySQL Community Server 5.7, as it is the only server that is compatible with the software I am using. I’ve gone to the downloads page, clicked on the server I need and proceeded to download, but when I get to the MySQL Installer it only gives me the option to download server 8.0.16. Am I doing something wrong?




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