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Needing Help with Basics/Custom Merchant Defined Fields.

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I'm new to and need some serious help.  I am working on a page for someone to purchase tickets for a fund raiser.  They can choose to buy one ticket, several tickets, a table, etc to the event/dinner.

I have been trying to implement a payment form which you can click on here:


Form looks great, but I need extra fields.  However, I'm not sure which steps to take now.  How do I insert extra payment options other than the test payment of $5.99?  For instance, I need extra fields for different kinds of tickets that someone can purchase.  Maybe they want to purchase two tickets, or a table that would have ten people.

Here are examples of what they had last year.



I appreciate any help in this matter! 


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Re: Needing Help with Basics/Custom Merchant Defined Fields.

There are a couple ways to do this. First, you could use an actual programming language, allowing you to send the form to a second page, collect all the form info, add everything up, and then charge the person internally using's AIM method. Second, you could have a single hidden x_amount field and use Javascript to calculate the total amount and update that field whenever they click or unclick something on the form. Note that this method obviously won't work if Javascript is turned off, so you'll need to disable form submit for anyone not running Javascript. Maybe by having the form default to sumitting to a "sorry, you don't have Javascript turned on" page, then have onsubmit change the URL before it submits.


Do you know any PHP, by any chance? Or does this need to be HTML / Javascript only?