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.Net 2.2 Core SDK Supoort?



Is there an sdk library that will with .net core? I only can find posts from 2016 that seem to suggest it is not supported(though there is some work arounds to get it to work).


I also found this beta software:


But last commit was like Feb 2019.


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Re: .Net 2.2 Core SDK Supoort?

me too

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Re: .Net 2.2 Core SDK Supoort?'s lack of .Net Core support has long been a frustration. They've been uncommuncative on it - just the rare post and then months (or years) of silence. 


I just put in a pull request for my updates to their beta library:


The big changes I made were switching it to netstandard and adding in async calls.


I've been using this in production for a couple of months now without issue - compiled my own package on my local nuget server.