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New certificates on Fedora server

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We have a Fedora 9 server with which we process transactions internally and go out I am aware that Fedora 9 is depreciated. We are planning a Migration to CentOS 7 but have not done so yet.


I recently found out about the new certificates which require SHA2 encryption here:


My question is what exactly I do with the certificates after downloading them. We host our own web application onsite.

I uploaded the certificates to the /etc/pki/tls/certs folder but they do not appear to be working.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: New certificates on Fedora server

Merchants are encouraged to keep their systems, platforms and operating system up to date to ensure they are in compliance with security best practices.

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Re: New certificates on Fedora server

Probably nothing is needed.  Fedora 9 isn't that old.  Are you having problems?  What is the app caliing written in?

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Re: New certificates on Fedora server

The elegance you are the usage of should simply be dropping the ID along the way. Try enforcing the use of the CIM code examples and spot in case you get an ID returned from that article.