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Noob ? - Trying to integrate an API with HTML

So I'm done with all design of the site I'm building for the clients.


Now I'm trying to integrate their AuthorizeNet acct with the purchasing page and I'm lost per-say...


I see all the sample code being thrown around for AIM, SIM, CIM, etc..


I tried the simple checkout buttons but their is no cart feature and everytime I created the shipping option, it always seems to dissappear when I go back to it.


So the question is, is there a true example or what the buttons for adding to a cart will look like in HTML and what on the backend is best (AIM, SIM, etc..) in terms of more of a cart solution?  Basically if I see a true example, I can duplicate it and modify for each item.  There are only 12 products with a possiblity for a few more.


And is there no simple checkout with cart?  Something that paypal has had for quite sometime in regards to creating the button code and it's all pointing to paypals backend to get processed.


Thanks and I hope that explains what I'm looking for.

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Re: Noob ? - Trying to integrate an API with HTML


Authorize.Net does not provide a shopping cart solution, you would need to choose one from a third party that integrates to us. Our gateway does maintain a listing of software solutions that have been certified to meet or exceed our standards. To view the listing of certified software solutions, please visit