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Obtaining Transaction Lists Based on Updates



A client of ours is interested in using transaction data from (specifically "Settlement Amount" field) to retroactively update their database.


To clarify, we are saving an amount in our records for certain transactions based on the amount we expect and the success of the transaction, but certain events can effectively change these amounts, such as voiding a transaction.


There are a few ways we can think to accomplish this, the least desirable of which would include some manual work. What we'd really like to do is programmatically get a list of transactions that have been updated after a certain time frame (we still need to update the field if it changes whether the original transaction was a week ago or a month ago making the time of update the relevant factor here), and then update each relevant transaction in our database.


Looking through the API reference I cannot find any transaction list related endpoint that allows this kind of functionality. We'd be thrilled if there was a way to do this unbeknownst to us, but if there is not hopefully somebody can use their expertise to point us in the direction of an alternative approach to accomplish our goal, as we cannot think of a way to leverage the endpoints available in the way we need to.


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Re: Obtaining Transaction Lists Based on Updates

You can do this with 2 api calls in sequence. Once a transaction is settled the settlement amount will not change.





Get a list of batches, then use a single batch to retreive transaction information - which includes the settlement amount.