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One merchant, multiple websites

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I recently created a new ecommerce web site for a client that already has a different ecommerce web site accepting payments through Auhorize.NET. They requested that I use AuthNet for processing payments for the new web site since they were already familar with it and liked the service.


Having said that, I'd like to know if one merchant + one AuthNet account + multiple web sites is "legal" from an AuthNet perspective. Essentially the merchant is selling the same product both sites - it's just branded differently.


My gut would have said yes, but then I found this post:


But then I found this post:


Since the first post didn't explain the situation thoroughly, I'd just like to have someone authoritative confirm or deny for me.


Assuming the answer is "yes" you can have multiple web sites to one AuthNet merchant account, the question becomes, is this technically feasible. I've logged into my client's AuthNet account and didn't see any any URLs listed in the Response/Receipt URLs or Silent Post URL which leads me to believe the other web site is utilizing AIM. I've setup the new web site to use DPM and therefore I don't think the two should collide. Does this sound correct?


I know there's a lot to digest here, so many thanks in advance for help!



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Re: One merchant, multiple websites

Hello Ryan,


Visa/MasterCard dont  allow multiple websites on a single merchant number. Thats why many processors will  only have a single URL field on the merchant application form for this reason.


Hope this helps


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