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Re: Only Charge at shipment time

Thank you for this post John,

i was searching for information regarding CC expiration year rules as i have an old data entry app that for some reason is limiting the expiration year to  (current year thru curent year+6).


Your post indicates there should not be a restriction on the year, it will be the bank that tells me whether it is valid or not.

Maybe our self-imposed limit is for a business reason, i will ask around at work.




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Re: Only Charge at shipment time

Hi All:


We're trying to integrate a pre-sale on a book, but would not like to charge until the book is shipped.  There will be a 60 day window between the launch of the pre-sale and the shipping date, which is beyond the 30 day authorization window.  Is there a way to capture the customer details and not charge them for 60 days?  You help is appreciated.


Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Re: Only Charge at shipment time

Yes, with CIM (Customer Information Manager). Essentially, you have store their credit card info in a billing profile, then you can charge them at any time - at least assuming their info hasn't changed in the last 60 days. Keep in mind that from a logic perspective, you need to reject credit cards that are going to expire before the bill date, and you should also set up the billing profile in validation mode so the credit card is verified as working. Validation mode charges the credit card $0.01 or $0.00 and then immediately voids the transaction.