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Overlay occasionally broken for CIM Hosted Form

We have been using the newer CIM Hosted form for a year or so now.  


We keep getting reports that the form is not interactible.  We have received screenshots that show the grey background is being put overtop of the form.  


We have followed the instructions and put the form elements where they belong (right before the closing body tag) but we continue to get reports. 


We are also unable to reproduce the issue ourselves via normal means.  I have been able to force it to happen by editing the elements in developer tools and messing with Z-Index values for the two main components. 

<div id="divAuthorizeNetPopup" style="display:none;" class="AuthorizeNetPopupSimpleTheme">

<div id="divAuthorizeNetPopupScreen" style="display:none;">


Please note that we do not set the Z-index directly on these components. I assume the javascript is doing that for us.  


We have had reports of this happening in all browsers, although we can generally fix it by having our user switch to a different browser.  Again, we have been unable to reproduce in a normal flow. 


Has anyone run into this and fixed it?  I would appreciate any help I can get.