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PHP - eCheck integration with AIM


     I have used the following code for integrating eCheck with AIM. But i am getting "AuthorizeNet Error: Response Code: 3 Response Subcode: 2 Response Reason Code: 33 Response Reason Text: Credit card number is required" this error message. Can anyone help me to find out the solution for the foolowing questions.


1. Why i am geetting "card number required" message eventhough i am passing echeck parameters?.


2. How can i make it work in php.


Below is the code i have used.


'amount' => rand(1, 1000),
'method' => 'ECHECK',
'bank_aba_code' => '121042882',
'bank_acct_num' => '123456789123',
'bank_acct_type' => 'CHECKING',
'bank_name' => 'Bank of Earth',
'bank_acct_name' => 'Jane Doe',
'echeck_type' => 'WEB',
'delim_data' => 'TRUE',
'relay_response' => 'FALSE',


 $sale = new AuthorizeNetAIM;


$response = $sale->authorizeAndCapture();


Please give me a solution.


Thank you.


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Re: PHP - eCheck integration with AIM

there as AIM echeck example in the readme file\anet_php_sdk\readme