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Partial Authorization using the Java SDK (AIM)



I'm writing a java application using the Java SDK (AIM).


I try to create a method which handles partial authorization transaction.


I set x_allow_partial_auth=true by using merchant.setAllowPartialAuth(true);

and then created a transaction by using AUTH_ONLY.


The transaction was approved and I successfully got the transaction ID. 


But I don't know how to get and access the values of x_psplit_tender_id, x_prepaid_balance_on_card, x_prepaid_requested_amount, x_split_tender_staus for the transaction.


And the value of responseMap for the transaction was always null.


Can someone please answer this for me??


Transaction authCaptureTransaction = merchant.createAIMTransaction(TransactionType.AUTH_ONLY, new BigDecimal(amount));




Result<Transaction> result = (Result<Transaction>) merchant.postTransaction(authCaptureTransaction);

String splitTenderID = result.getTarget().getResponseField(ResponseField.SPLIT_TENDER_ID);  <- return null





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Re: Partial Authorization using the Java SDK (AIM)

If you are using a test account, use the test trigger


Also, read the partial authorization documentation, it might not be what you think it does.