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Partial authorization and secure payment form

We're using SIM and the secure payment form. We have no access to any card info [not counting the last 4 digits and card type posted back through the relay response].


Do we need to do anything with regard to partial authorization?Just enable it in the merchant interface?


My hope/expectation would be that Authorize.Net would have taken care of any programming required to ask for a second card, reverse the authorization, etc. says to review the SIM guide, but with regard to partial payments, it's all about what to do when you're taking the card info on your own site -- which we're not doing.


Pointers to threads where this has been answered are welcome, but my searches didn't find it.



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Re: Partial authorization and secure payment form

The SIM guide provides the following information related to partial authorization:


Partial Authorization Transactions

A partial authorization, or split tender, order is one in which two or more transactions are used to cover the total amount of the order.

The merchant must indicate that they are able to handle the extra processing either by selecting the Partial Authorization option in the Account settings of the Merchant Interface, or by sending x_allow_partial_auth=true with each transaction. Without this flag, the transaction would be handled as any other, and would be either fully authorized or declined due to lack of funds on the card.

When the first transaction is successfully authorized for a partial amount of the order, a split tender ID is generated and returned in the response. This ID must be passed back with each of the remaining transactions of the group, using x_split_tender_id=<value>. If you include both a split tender ID and a transaction ID on the same request, an error results.

If successfully authorized, all transactions in the group are held until the final transaction of the group is successfully authorized, unless the merchant has indicated either by input parameter or default configuration that the transactions should not be held.

The following fields are returned in the relay response data sent to the merchant's URL. The data they represent are in all prepaid card responses.

•x_prepaid_requested_amount—this is the amount requested.
•x_split_tender_id—this is the Split Tender ID provided when the first partial authorization transaction was issued.
•x_split_tender_status—indicates whether or not the transaction is complete.
•x_card_type—the card type.


The response fields outlined above are relative to SIM Relay Response. The information provided does not relate to any connection in which the merchant is collecting the payment data on their own payment form, it specifically is referring to the SIM connection method which uses the Authorize.Net hosted payment form.This is why the guide states that a split tender ID is generated and returned in the response when the first transaction is authorized for a partial amount of the order total.



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Re: Partial authorization and secure payment form




Please let me know that I'm following the right approach or not.


Apporach: First I am authorizing an order using  customer profile id and customer payment profile id and after few days I need to void it and authorize it again.


Details : Our bank can hold the authorized amount for 7 days only.  If I am shiping the order within 7 days then I can capture the authorized amount successfully. But if shippment is pending and 7 days have been crossed then bank will release the amount. This is a problem for me because shipment I would be able to capture the amount. To avoid this I'm simplying checking that on 7th day if capture has not done yet against Order,  I'll do void Authorized transaction and then Authorize order total amount using customer Profile id and customer payment profile id.


Is it a good approach?

Will this solution work in production? In TEST environment I checked it and it worked fine but need confirmation before we commit to production environment.


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Re: Partial authorization and secure payment form

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Our bank can hold the authorized amount for 7 days only.

Read the "Authorization Only" and "Prior Authorization and Capture"

It not about your bank, it your customer Credit card issuing bank, you can still do a Prior Authorization and Capture within the 30 days windows.

The problem with voiding early is that it depend the cc issuing bank to release the fund in a timly manner. So if you void it and create a new auth_only, it might show 2 hold(charge) on your customer credit card until the void get process.

And you get charge a fee for every auth_only transaction.


And please create a new thread(message) for your question.