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Payment questions


1) Currently is sending Payment Receipts for their Transcation directly to our client. can we stop them ? if so then how ?


2) is there any way to send Payment Receipts On demand ? if so then is API available for it ?


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Re: Payment questions



There are two methods you can use to have Authorize.Net send your customer a transaction email receipt on your behalf. You can configure your account settings in the Merchant Interface, or send the request through the API call. It is important to note that if your account settings and the API request do not match, then the API request will override your account settings.


In the merchant interface:

  • Click Email Receipt under Transaction Response Settings.
  • Select or deselect Email transaction receipt to customer (if email address is provided).
     When using Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) you can also select or deselect Email customer for each successfully authorized ARB generated transaction.

You can also configure the header and footer text for your email receipts.


Using the API:

All createTransactionRequest calls support optional per-transaction settings, such as email receipt delivery:

emailCustomerFlags whether to send the customer email receipt.Boolean.


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