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Paypal Integration - Accept.js


We are implementing PayPal integration using Accept.js. We use authCaptureTransation as the transactionType. It looks like the transactions stay in "Need Payer Consent" status when we look at the transactions in the Admin interface. Are there any additional API calls need to be made to actually capture. Should we be making a call to authCaptureContinueTransaction in a subsequent call to capture?


Any pointers to actual documentation on PayPal integration sequence flow will be appreciated. It is not clear as to when we should use authCaptureTransation and when we should be using authCaptureContinueTransaction.



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Re: Paypal Integration - Accept.js


The authCaptureTransaction has to be followed up with authCaptureContinueTransaction from what I am reading. The former API call generates a url that takes the user to PayPal. Then the user confirms Payment on PayPal. After that you run the latter API call or you use the merchant interface. I do not think there are any capture functions that you cannot perform in the interface for any integration.

Your “Need Approval” statuses sound to me like a abandoned carts. Since you are using PayPal as an intermediary you do not directly charge the customer with the first API call.