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Peer to peer, need suggestions

Hi all,


I have an mobile application, where users can be able to send money to each other, peer to peer.

I'm searching the payment system and the API to do that.


I have red the developers guide, but have confused a little, how to do that using system. Merchant account is required. Does it means that each user (seller) should manually register in and provide the ID and KEY to the mobile application? Or I can send money, just send the seller and buyer Credit Card information?


Looking forward to any answers. Thanks a lot!

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Re: Peer to peer, need suggestions

Hello @mallicckk 


Authorize.Net currently allows perchants to accept customer payments, but it does not support peer to peer transactions.



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Re: Peer to peer, need suggestions

@mallicckk, @RichardH is right. This is not something that Authorize.Net supports currently. However, you can look at Visa Direct ( if you're interested in P2P payments.