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Perform successful real transaction using android device

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 Hi guys,


I have to perform successfull payment using credit card reader(Swipe credit card) connected with android device.


For that I'm using SDK fron this link : 


I'm having sandbox account and when i'm using static credit card provided by i'm getting successfull response.Now i want to perform real successfull transactioncredit card reader connected with android device.My question is what do i need to perform real time transaction ?


1). Can i perform real/dummy transaction using credit card reader(Swipe credit card) in sandbox account with my personal credit card. ?if yes then how?

2). Can we use merchant account just for testing purpose ?if yes then how?

3). How do i know that user swiped card and now i have to request for payment? is there any call back method for that?

4). Or it's necessary to create merchant account to perform real transaction?(Provided at this link :

5). How can i handle successfull/un-successfull performed real transactions?(Like override methods)

6). Is it possible to perform successfull real transactions using inperson-sdk-android ?

6). If there are any already working code for real transaction using swipe then it is also accepted..

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Re: Perform successful real transaction using android device

Hello @omimehta


Our developer sandbox allows you to create test transactions without risk of creating actual transactions, instead it simulates responses and does not connect to the actual card networks.


Our In-Person SDK offers merchants the ability to accept payments on mobile devices that they own and control, ie a mobile point of sale solution.


If you wish to accept payments on a customer's device that they control, you should instead look for our mobile in-app payments.


To process real transactions, you must have a live merchant account.  We do not offer live merchant accounts for testing, instead we offer the sandbox.



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Re: Perform successful real transaction using android device

But how do i know that user has swiped it's credit card and now i need to proceed further for payment ...


Can you please guide for that..