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Please help: E00027 A duplicate transaction has been submitted.

The steps:

1. At first I enter a credit card but put in the wrong Security Code,

2. Submit

3. Get an error "The credit card number is invalid". This is correct.

4. Click back to get back to the credit card page.

5. Correct the Security code.

6. Submit again.

7. Get get an unimaginab error "A duplicate transaction has been submitted" when create Customer Payment Profile. 

Please see the Request  and Response below.

I have confirm there is not any Payment Profile under the Customer Profile. 

What causes the issue? How to fix it? 


The Request is below:

<createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd"><merchantAuthentication><name>***</name><transactionKey>*****</transactionKey></merchantAuthentication><customerProfileId>*****</customerProfileId><paymentProfile><billTo><firstName>****</firstName><lastName></lastName><company></company><address>***</address><city>Tecumseh</city><state>**</state><zip>***</zip><country>***</country><phoneNumber>****</phoneNumber><faxNumber></faxNumber></billTo><payment><creditCard><cardNumber>********</cardNumber><expirationDate>***</expirationDate><cardCode>***</cardCode></creditCard></payment></paymentProfile><validationMode>liveMode</validationMode></createCustomerPaymentProfileRequest> 


The Response is below:

<createCustomerPaymentProfileResponse xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd"><messages><resultCode>Error</resultCode><message><code>E00027</code><text>A duplicate transaction has been submitted.</text></message></messages><validationDirectResponse>3,1,11,A duplicate transaction has been submitted.,,P,0,none,Test transaction for ValidateCustomerPaymentProfile.,0.00,CC,auth_only,none,mark kordyzon,,,********* </validationDirectResponse></createCustomerPaymentProfileResponse> 

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Re: Please help: E00027 A duplicate transaction has been submitted.

Did it give you back a customer profile ID the first time? Be helpful to see the result of the first request as well as the second.

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Re: Please help: E00027 A duplicate transaction has been submitted.

It a known issue.

When creating a payment profile, there is an option for validation(livemode or testmode). On livemode it will create a auth_only then void transaction for $0.01 or $0.00 to test the cc#. The standard duplicate window is 2 min and that why you are getting the error.