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Populate "Customer Id" with createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest

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I am calling createCustomerProfileRequest and then createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest... This integration has been on production for a few years. We now have a client that is viewing Transaction Receipts while logged in to Authorize.Net and wants some additional fields populated that are showing as blank on this receipt.


The "Order Information" section of the receipt shows the following:

> Description, Order Number, PO Number, Invoice number, and *Customer ID"


How do I populate the "Customer ID"? Is it the customerProfileBaseType.merchantCustomerId?

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Re: Populate "Customer Id" with createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest

Yes that's correct it's the merchantCustomerId. 


If you have any opportunity to move away from createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest I would strongly suggest using the standard createTransaction as that provides a much more consistent integration and also is much easier to interpret the result.


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