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Possible Response Codes for PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE



Am trying to determine possible responses to a PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE.


Codes in the AIM guide only seem to regard the initial transaction; same goes with the Response Reason Code Tool at


Am curious if there's a listing somewhere of possible Response Codes, Reason Codes and Reason Texts for this type of subsequent transaction.


If it *is* somewhere in the AIM guide, would someone please point me to the correct section?




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Re: Possible Response Codes for PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE

As far as I know, it the same list.

Thing might happen between Auth_only and prior_auth_capture that can cause the same decline error.

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Re: Possible Response Codes for PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE

It's highly unlikely anything bad will happen after a successful authorization, assuming of course you capture for the same amount and within 7 days. But any of the following could theoretically be applicable. I've included the basic text and/or the response reason tool text for the sake of clarity:


Error 36
The customer was approved at the time of authorization, but failed at settlement.

Error 47
The amount requested for settlement may not be greater than the original amount authorized.
This occurs if the merchant tries to capture funds greater than the amount of the original authorization-only transaction.

Error 48
This processor does not accept partial reversals.
The merchant attempted to settle for less than the originally authorized amount.

Error 52
The transaction was authorized, but the client could not be notified; the transaction will not be settled.

Error 237
This transaction cannot be processed.
The referenced transaction has expired.
(time limit is 7 days, I believe)

Error 253
The transaction was accepted and was authorized, but is being held for merchant review. The merchant may customize the customer response in the Merchant Interface.

Error 295
The amount of this request was only partially approved on the given prepaid card. Additional payments are required to complete the balance of this transaction.
The merchant must have partial authorization enabled in the merchant interface in order to receive this error.