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Posting without using <forms> on an aspx page



So, I might have phrased the topic wrong.

This is my first time encountering this situation and the first time using the API. Before I begin, let me say that I tried searching and did not turn up anything similar to my situation.


I kind of just need to use the simple checkout:

<form name="PrePage" method = "post" action = ""> <input type = "hidden" name = "LinkId" value ="XXXXXXXXXXXXXX" /> <input type = "image" src="//" /> </form>


I'm using a CMS system (ASP) and cannot modify any code behind.  Obviously I cannot use another form element in an aspx page. In case you wanted to know, when I do use the form, and hit submit on the input, it just reloads the page.


I tried a bit of javascript in which I used document.location.href but that didn't work out.


Are there any other javascript solutions, or any other solutions which dont require additional libraries or codebehind just to get to a simplecheckout page or equivalent?


Short answers accepted :)

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Re: Posting without using <forms> on an aspx page

can you create new html page? you could do a popup html page from the aspx.