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Processing $ zero amount transactions in

I want to validate phone number associated with credit card number during transaction processing using i.e I want to check entered phone number is same as that of credit card issuing bank's record during transaction processing with


If entered phone number is valid & is same with phone number that is associated with credit card then only I can proceed for real transaction processing other wise I will not pass transaction to payment gateway.


Can I use auth_only transaction type i.e (x_type= "Auth_only") with $ 0.0 amount for authorizing request to validate entered phone number with phone number associated with credit card ?


Does card get charged any way or it is get reflected in card statement when we authorize only $ 0.0 transaction. ?


I do not want to charge card any way or transaction to be displayed in customers statement after authorizing only transaction (x_type= "Auth_only")


Please kindly help how to do this




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Re: Processing $ zero amount transactions in

about the phone# answer on your other post.

Some credit card issuer bank do post the 0.0 transaction, some don't, is not somthing you can control.