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Production Change Merchant Contact Information printed on receipt

Did my first Production credit card charge.

I get a receipt. At bottom of page it has 

Merchant Contact information


How can I change/ stop that from being printed on the page?

Actually I would like to remove the Email from the Merchant Contact Information.


In Sandbox, this info was never printed on the receipt.


In fact the email receipt in SANDBOX does not look anything like the receipt on PRODUCTION.


How can I get a receipt from Sandbox that looks  like Production receipt?





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Re: Production Change Merchant Contact Information printed on receipt

The receipt settings are available in the Merchant Interface under Settings. 


1. Log into the Merchant Interface

2. Click on Settings on the left hand side

3. Select Email Receipt


Please note that a transaction request can also send email receipt parameters and settings that override the Merchant Interface settings. If you find that the above is not working, then look into what parameters are being sent in the transaction request.