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Queries regarding ARB


Following are the queries:

  • Can you explain me the working of ARB in few steps, as i am not sure about how it works. Correct me if i'm wrong:
    Your Website->Subscription Form->Information process to payment gateway through this form->Subscription Created for valid Information.

  • My site deals with subscriptions of Tier One [One Month, Three Months, Six and Tweleve] and Tier Two [One Month, Three Months, Six and Tweleve], both Tier One and Tier Two have different subscription fee with respect to months. Can you please guide me which method i should implement. (I don't have an SSL)


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Re: Queries regarding ARB

What is the appropriate way to validate Credit card information, before actually submitting the ARB request?

(Note: I don't have an SSL connection) 

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Re: Queries regarding ARB

Hi haseebkhilji,


Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) allows you to create subscriptions for your customers, you can do this manually by logging into your Authorize.Net account or by using the ARB API on your website.


We do not offer any hosted form for ARB, so an SSL Certificate is required in order for you to collect the customer's information.