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Question about payments and transferring funds via api

i'm in the process of building an application and haven't worked with a payment gateway before.  below is the process i would like to put in place but would like to understand what exactly is needed technically so i can write the process specs and hand off to dev:


(A) signs up for acct and enters their credit card information 

(B) signs up for acct and enters a bank account or cc to accept payments

(A) clicks a button to donate a fixed amount to (B)

fixed amount is transferred to checking acct/cc held by (B) less a transaction fee


my questions to the payment gurus out there are 

  1. is this a possible scenario with api (if not, is there an alternative)
  2. what are typical processing fees for micropayments (less than $10)

feel free to direct msg me with any more questions.



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Re: Question about payments and transferring funds via api

There is a mechanism called unlinked credit that allows you to issue a credit without an associated transaction. Not sure if you're supposed to be using that for money transfers, however, and you do have to fill out a form requesting expanded credits capability before will let you run unlinked credits on a production account. This is the sort of thing I'd recommend calling about before you go trying to implement it.

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Re: Question about payments and transferring funds via api

What you are describing are person-to-person payments and are not something that would be handled through a  payment gateway such as Authorize.Net. The best recommendation that I can make is to speak to your merchant account provider and see if they can point you in the right direction.