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Question on PCI Compliance on Modified Plugin

How Do I know if I am PCI Compliant? 


Sorry to post this but I have tried to search up and down for answers to the question above. We are using CIM and currently have this plugin installed here I am assuming it is PCI Compliant. However this plugin doesnt do everything we need, so we added a bit of an extension onto it (basically a form that the user must fill out to register his credit card before buying on our site.) The form handles requests using this guide ( so far the form sends the CC info makes a user ID checks the card and adds the last 4 digits of the card to our database all using the methods in the XML Guide. The question that I cant seem to find the anser to is if I am PCI Compliant? 


Any help would be so much appreciated, we have been going back and forth with this issue for several weeks and have gotten so many different opinions from web development companies. And we are not sure what to do.

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Re: Question on PCI Compliance on Modified Plugin

Hello @derbra1513


Your question would be best answered by speaking with a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).  If you do not have one, you can learn more about our preferred partner Trust wave at