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Question on simple checkout

I am a website developer and I have a client (a garbage hauler) who wants people to pay their bill on line. All they need is someone to put in customer name, account number and the amount.  I am thinking that in a way this is similar to a donation.  If I could use Simple Checkout I am thinking that would save them from having to pay for an SSL. 


Does anyone know if Simple checkout would work for this purpose? 

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Re: Question on simple checkout

Given that the site will need to be able to calculate different fees (almost certainly), and that you probably won't want to configure a bunch of different Buy Now buttons, a better solution might be DPM. Short of that, AIM is even more straightforward, and given that SSL certificates are relatively cheap ($50 per year from Godaddy, for instance), it makes sense to pay a bit more for a certificate if it means saving even a few hours of development time. Don't limit yourself based on the cost of certificates or hosting, it's often pinching a few pennies while shooting yourself in the foot.