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Questions about Accepted Host

I see that SIM is being replaced by Accepted Host so I've been trying to use Accepted Host in a new project. I have the basic thing working, but I do have a few questions. I'm using the Python SDK.


  • I set the company name in a transaction request's billTo company field, but it doesn't show up when the billing address is shown on the invoice. All other fields show up (name, address, etc.), but not the company name. Is there another setting I need to set for this to show like for email? My code looks like this:


from authorizenet import apicontractsv1

transaction_request = apicontractsv1.transactionRequestType()
transaction_request.billTo = apicontractsv1.customerAddressType() = 'My Company'
  • Speaking of the Billing Address section, is there any way to hide/remove the country and phone number fields. Don't need them. The SIM invoice didn't display those fields so I'm trying to get the Accepted Host to display the same fields that SIM did. The only information I found seems to be that you display the billing address (all the fields) or not, no other choices.
  • Any way to print the invoice? I suppose I can add a button to my page and just print the contents of the iframe, but I thought it would be better if Accepted Host already had this capability so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Didn't see anything in regards to printing capability.
  • Using the IFrameCommunicator, I'm able to be notified of cancel and resizeWindow events. However, when paying successfully, I don't receive a transactResponse which the docs seem to indicate I should. I have specified the url value in hostedPaymentReturnOptions to indicate where to go when the user clicks the Continue button (which works fine), but IFrameCommunicator is never called at any time regarding a successful payment. I do get a resizeWindow event for the receipt when loaded into the iframe, but that's it.


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Re: Questions about Accepted Host

After more searching, I did wind up finding the answer to one of my questions. This is in regards to not receiving a transactResponse event within the IFrameCommunicator. For anybody else wondering, at least when using an iframe like I am, you will ONLY receive this event if you have showReceipt set to False within hostedPaymentReturnOptions.


Not sure why it works this way. It would seem to me that it's still beneficial to get transactResponse and STILL be able to use the default receipt page. Since I need to receive transactResponse in order to do other post-paid things, I wound up setting showReceipt to False and having to create my own receipt page (based on the Authorize.Net default receipt page).