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Quick Q. Using CIM & ARB Method



I want to confirm that a project I am working on, which will require ARB for membership recurring billing, and CIM, for members to place discounted purchases (discounts only available to paid members) using CIM, will not create a conflict. In other words, I realize that CIM creates 'profiles' for the customer so, should I save their billing, payment, shipping profiles, I can re-bill them for one time purchases. I want to make sure that if a customer is billed using ARB for their monthly membership, CIM won't deny them a chance to create a unique profile since they are 'already in the system'


In short, by using ARB just for the monthly billing and CIM for one time purchases, it would allow my project to run the way we intend. Will there be a problem? Please note, I don't plan to try to bill monthly with CIM or anything wacky, I just want ot make sure an existing recurring billed customer can purchase via CIM , one unique product purchase at a time, without a conflict form



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Re: Quick Q. Using CIM & ARB Method

There is absolutely no interaction between CIM and ARB, so there is no way that the profiles will conflict with one another.  I don't see any problems with what you are describing.