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React native Accept.js



Is it possible to use Accept.js in React native applications?

Can I call the Accept.js script from React native code somehow?



Luka Vranješ

3topia agency

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Re: React native Accept.js

Hi @3topia_agency,


Accept.js is designed to run in a browser. It's doing some checking of where it's loaded from for security purposes, and that checking may not work in any sort of headless JavaScript environment. If React can emulate a browser well enough to appear to be a browser, then it would probably work. However, I personally wouldn't have high hopes.


We do have mobile SDKs on GitHub that enable you to retrieve a payment nonce to use in a subsequent transaction. Is it possible to wrap something around those and call that from within your app?

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Re: React native Accept.js

Yeah I see that provides Accept.js sdks/samples for swift and java but React Native apps needs to be ejected to inject the native codes. It would be great if we have React Native package for Accept.js. Thank you!