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Reactiviating subscriptions using ARB

I am working on a wordpress membership site.  We have ARB set up and running smoothly.  The issue we are coming up with is that when a person's credit card expires, the subscription is suspended.  Some people do not want to give us their cc details to activate their subscription again.  We want to create a page on our website that a customer can go to to re enter their subscription ID (that we give them) and their updated cc details so that their subscription is activated again.


Please help or provide solutions if you have experience with this type of procedure.


Thank you.

Jeff Salzenstein

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Re: Reactiviating subscriptions using ARB

Hi Jeff,


The ARB API allows you to submit a request to update an existing subscription.  If a suspended subscription is updated, it is automatically reactivated and will begin normal billing at the next scheduled payment.