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Reauthorize Credit Card

I have 2 customers requesting a solution for the following situation. Both manufacturers offer Advanced Exchange.  Customers may opt to receive a replacement
unit prior to returning the defective unit.  This is an important customer satisfaction feature.  The manufacturer needs recourse
if the old unit is not returned.  Currently the credit card a credit card is authorized for nominal amount.


Authorizing for the full value of a high dollar product is not possible for many customers.   I understand that it is not possible to charge
more than the amount authorized.  Is there a method to re-authorize then capture for the full amount of the product at a later time?  Any direction is much

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Re: Reauthorize Credit Card

I could be wrong but I think your only option is to consider using the CIM integration to save the credit card details.  Do a AUTH_ONLY for the partial amount and then when the time comes, use the stored card to do a AUTH_CATPURE on the entire amount.  I don't think there is any ways to do what you are trying to do using just the regular integration.