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Rebill using API

I am wondering if there is an API for rebilling.


We charge our customers in two steps:

When the order is placed we charge the customers automatically for a portion of the total amount and once the order is complete we manually rebill the remain balance.


Is there an API for rebilling so we can streamline the process and eliminate the manual charging?




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Re: Rebill using API

The CIM API would be what you want to use for this.

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Re: Rebill using API

Thank you. I will look into it.



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Re: Rebill using API

Have you found the solution for this?  How can I implement CIM and "rebill" by targeting previous settled transactions?  My server crashed and i lost customers' credit cards.  Need to find a way to rebill these customers without asking them to re-enter credit card info.


(my original cry for help is here: )