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Receiving E00027 error for invalid amount




I am attempting to test my ecommerce solution against the sandbox, but I'm unclear on the rules for which transaction amounts will be approved or declined.  I am receiving and approval or a decline depending on the amount.


The error I get back is:


E00027: The transaction was unsuccessful.
5: A valid amount is required.


I am receiving this error message for the amounts:




And I am receiving an approval on the amount:




The testing guide at is listing the following amounts as producing a declined response:





And I'm not using those amounts.


The guide also states that "The response from the sandbox varies depending on the card type, ZIP code, and amount."  But I'm using a postal code, the Visa number 4111111111111111, and the amounts I listed above.


Can anyone direct me to what I'm missing?  Is there documentation that indicates which amounts to use for different responses?