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Recurring Billing Customer Email




We are using a very old SOAP version of the API to process both one-time card charges and to setup Recurring Billing for some product purchases.


ALL WORKS FINE but we cannot figure out how to set the customer's email address for Recurring Billing.


The field for Email under the "Customer Billing Information" never gets set even though we pass this value when we run the 1st AUTH against the card. 


We have also tried populating the email property in the "Customer" struct of the ARBSubscription data.  This doesn't throw an error but also doesn't populate the email address.


If we attempt to add "email" to the NameAndAddress for either BillTo or shipTo objects the service throws an XmlElement error stating that the field is invalid for the service.


How do you set the email address for an ARBSubscription SOAP request?


Our solution has been developed using C# on the 4.5.1 .NET framework.


We would rather not upgrade to the latest "open source" solution if possible.