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Redirecting User to Authorize.Net for More information



So I was able to collect some Information through an InfoPath 2010 form (First Name, Last Name, Ect) then when the user hits submit it will do a POST to the Authorize.Net. Everything works dandy, I get back a string saying "Transaction was accepted" and I get the Email displaying the new transaction as well. All the information such as (CC, CC Exp, Method, Ect) I have hard coded on the back-end just like one of the exampls I followed. (It was AIM - Visual Basic).


My question is how would I go about sending them to after hitting submit, where they will enter the other additional information such as Card Holder Name, CC, CC Num Ect? We do not want to house that information on our end, and would like Authorize.Net to take care of that. So if anybody has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


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Re: Redirecting User to Authorize.Net for More information

If you don't want the user enter CC info on you server, you can use SIM or DPM.