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Reference Transaction ID: Not Applicable

This is my C# code that I use to void transactions:


ProfileTransVoidType voidT = new ProfileTransVoidType();
voidT.transId = transactionId.ToString();
voidT.customerPaymentProfileIdSpecified = false;
voidT.customerProfileIdSpecified = false;

trans = new ProfileTransactionType();
trans.Item = voidT;

response = SoapAPIUtilities.Service.CreateCustomerProfileTransaction(...);


Everything works fine, but my employer wants Reference Transaction ID field to be populated for each transaction void. When I open Authorize sandbox, Reference transaction ID field is always set to "Not Applicable". As you can see, transId property is always assigned. Am I missing something here?

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Re: Reference Transaction ID: Not Applicable


Hi Dr_Freeman,


When you void a transaction it does not create a new transaction ID, but it changes the status of the initial one. There is not a seperate transaction to reference because the transaction ID will remain the same when you run a void request, unlike refund a new transaction ID is generated.